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21/01/2015 - Out of Africa - You can call me Cleef

We have just added 9 new wines from South Africa wines to our list - produced by the award winning Kleine Zalze Estate in Stellenbosch, the Cleefs wines are named after Nicolaas Cleef, owner of the estate in 1695....


20/01/2015 - Santa Teresa Rum uses Rugby to rehabilitate gang members

Life in Venezuela is challenging,when you live in an area with several gangs, but Alberto Vollmer of Santa Teresa Rum has found a way to change people's lives ...


12/01/2015 - Hot winter drinks for a warm welcome

Cold nights and chilled hands require a proper warming drink to revive friends and guests - try these recipes for Irish coffee, hot toddy, hot buttered rum, spiced punch, spiced mulled cider and more....


09/01/2015 - Spotlight on South & Central American Spirits

South & Central America is an increasingly important continent in the spirits world - the varied climates, wide spread of latitudes and diverse cultural traditions all contribute to a wide range of unique spirits styles....


31/12/2014 - Spirits trends for the coming year

As we move into the New Year, bar and spirits expert Alex Turner reflects on what has happened over the last twelve months and takes a guess on what will happen in the next twelve....


12/12/2014 - Don't forget 1st Jan 2015 - Official Bloody Mary Day

When the party's over, one of the most well-known 'recovery' drinks is the Bloody Mary. Allegedly created by Ferdinand Petiot in the New York Bar in Paris in 1921...


12/12/2014 - It's Christmas Jumper Day

Today staff at the Coe Group of companies took part in what's now becoming a regular event in many companies Christmas calendars - Christmas Jumper Day....

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