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04/03/2015 - Behind every great pour there's a great bottle

Great spirits made with professionals in mind - for the Eighty-Six Co it wasn’t enough to create a high quality range of spirits for bartenders, they designed the perfect bottle for bar use too...


01/03/2015 - New Products arriving in March 2015

This month we are featuring spirits with an adventurous side - Nomad Outland Whisky is Scotch matured in Jerez, the heart of Sherry country and there's Japanese inspired Jinzu Gin, from closer to home there's Tarquin's Pastis and Gin...


23/02/2015 - Wild Gin and Elderflower Spritz

The distinctive floral aromas of elderflower are a quintessential part of the British summer, try this classic gin and elderflower infused perry - a perfect lower alcohol alternative to wine....


18/02/2015 - Bye dry January, hello fabulous February…..

Bar & Spirits expert Alex Turner takes a sceptical look at the growing trend for 'healthy' cocktails - do these benefits stack up or would you be better off simply cutting the calories?...


17/02/2015 - Oscar Cocktail Nominations 2015

Cocktails conjure visions of old Hollywood glamour and there's no chance of getting through three hours of Oscar speeches without a little sustenance. Here are our nominations...


16/02/2015 - Happy Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year, starts on Thursday 19th February 2015. Known as Spring Festival since the 20th century, it remains the most important social and economic holiday in China. Welcome in the year of the Goat! ...


11/02/2015 - Sonoma County Rye Whiskey - very limited

When it comes to making a quality rye whiskey there are no shortcuts says owner and distiller Adam Spiegel. Founded in 2010, the Sonoma County Distilling Co like to do thing the right way, even if it's the hard way...


10/02/2015 - It's time for Austrian wines

We were proud to represent Weingut Steininger at the 2015 Austrian Wine Tasting this week - these Grüner Veltliner specialists demonstrate how Austrian wines should never be underrated....


06/02/2015 - Whistle Pig Rye Whiskey - v limited stocks

We have just landed two parcels of very special rye whiskies  - the first is the WhistlePig range - 100% rye is rare, it's a difficult grain to handle when used at high percentages, making these the pinnacle of the distiller’s art...


05/02/2015 - For lovers of Pinot Noir - NZ offers it all

Experiencing and understanding Pinot Noir in all its myriad of expressions is one of the great challenges for serious wine lovers. For others the attraction is less cerebral and more to do with its silky, seductive and elegant fruit....


04/02/2015 - Lost Spirits Rums Collection - limited stocks

US bartenders and writers have been swooning over these limited edition rums for the last couple of years, and we've finally got hold of a small (ok, tiny) quantity of each ...


03/02/2015 - Central and South American Spirits Showcase

Central and South American Spirits proved a very popular choice for the third of our exclusive spirits showcases recently. Rum, Tequila, Pisco and Cachaça are increasingly important categories in the spirits world...


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