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13/05/2015 - Special Release Bourbons

We are delighted to offer three of the most sought after Bourbons around - These ultra-premium, small batch bourbons are produced at the Jim Beam Distillery in Claremont, Kentucky. ...


12/05/2015 - Get ready for a Sparkling Summer

There are times when only Champagne will do, but the canny drinker knows that many Sparkling Wines can challenge Champagne’s pre-eminent position in terms of quality...


11/05/2015 - Double Dutch Premium Mixers

Arriving in the UK as business students Joyce & Raissa de Haas saw the growing innovation and quality in the spirits market but were frustrated by the narrow range and quality of mixers served with them. They decided to change this...


06/05/2015 - Clarendelle celebrates 10 years in 2015

Clarendelle, the first premium brand of Bordeaux wine was created in 2005 by Prince Robert of Luxembourg. Inspired by Haut-Brion and produced by the winemaking team of Château Haut-Brion...


01/05/2015 - New Products arriving in May 2015

Bartenders will certainly welcome the return to the UK of  the classic Picon Amer liqueur and the innovative Double Dutch premium mixers. All new to Coe Vintners are Owney's Craft Rum, the new FAIR.Gin, and three Tequilas from Casamigos...


20/04/2015 - Champagne Secrets - and how to ace your MW exam

Dirceu Vianna MW explains winemaking choices in Champagne and their impact on style & quality. Comparing wines side by side, 4 key variables were assessed...


15/04/2015 - Cinco de Mayo and the rise of tequila

Alex Turner explains the 5th May is a big day in the world of tequila, although not necessarily in Mexico itself as it is not their national day but a celebration of the success in the battle of Puebla in 1862. ...


07/04/2015 - A Matter of Tesch

There are some outlandish stories about the punk rock loving iconoclast Dr. Martin Tesch (aka the ‘man in black’). Amanda and Stef from our Wine Department met him to find out the truth...


01/04/2015 - Cheers to Malbec

Malbec is the flagship variety of Argentina, its huge success has put Argentina firmly on most wine drinkers’ shopping lists. But why is it so successful in Argentina and how did it get there? ...


01/04/2015 - New Products arriving in April 2015

The following new lines are already available for April - the artisanal Vestal potato vodkas from Poland and we reached a new milestone of 160 gins on our list ...


18/03/2015 - From grape to glass - but how does it get here?

Have you ever really thought about how wine reaches your glass? Jennifer Anderson explains it's a long journey from some wineries, which makes co-ordinating a portfolio of over 500 wines from across the world an all hands on deck operation....


10/03/2015 - The Rise of the Gin category

Against a declining spirits market overall Gin has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the last few years, in his March Newsletter spirits expert Alex Turner looks at why Gin has bucked the trend...


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