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17/07/2015 - Vodka - the unloved spirit?

In his summer newsletter bar and spirits expert Alex Turner wonders how bartenders fell out of love with vodka, when their customers still order this over most other category drinks......


02/07/2015 - New Products arriving in July 2015

Whether your high summer tipple is Gin, Rum, Whisky or Wine we have it all! There are plenty of new lines arriving this month including a number of historically inspired spirits...


01/07/2015 - Taste the rainbow of Riesling

Amanda Currie writes 'It never ceases to amaze me why Riesling hasn’t become the most popular grape variety in the world - Fabulously versatile, Riesling has a little something of everything, from bone dry mouth-wateringly fresh, to super sweet ...


01/06/2015 - New Products arriving in June 2015

There's a distinctly British flavour to many of the new arrivals this month, today is the first day of the meterological summer so with the prospect of warmer weather ahead we have a good selection of summer drinks available...


29/05/2015 - World Gin Day 13th June - celebrating the old and the new

With such a strong interest in gin (see the CV March newsletter for more insight) we decided to celebrate World Gin Day by highlighting some classic gin drinks ...


13/05/2015 - Special Release Bourbons

We are delighted to offer three of the most sought after Bourbons around - These ultra-premium, small batch bourbons are produced at the Jim Beam Distillery in Claremont, Kentucky. ...


12/05/2015 - Get ready for a Sparkling Summer

There are times when only Champagne will do, but the canny drinker knows that many Sparkling Wines can challenge Champagne’s pre-eminent position in terms of quality...

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